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Steady demand

  • Machining tools and hand tools (drills, milling cutters, screw taps, turning tools, cemented-carbide tips, vices, chucks, circular saws, saw blades, magnets, rotary tables, dicing machines and measuring gauges)
  • Hydraulics (pumps, valves and distributors, piston rods and other hydraulic elements)
  • Pneumatic elements (piston rods, distributors and valves)
  • Electronic material (contactors, circuit breakers, relays, breakers, cables etc.)
  • Electronic motors (used, new from 180W – 250 kW)
  • Pulley blocks and crane crabs (used and new)
  • Gearboxes and electronic motors with gearboxes (used and new)
  • Compressors (used and new)
  • Water pumps (new)
  • Metallurgical materials (sheet metals, coils, round bars, profiles, pipes)
  • Bearings
  • Used machine tools and shaping machines
  • Ventilation fans (used and new)
  • Slide valves and valves for water and gas (new)
  • Chains (new)
  • Rubber conveyor belts (new)
  • Diesel aggregates and transformers (used and new)
  • Various used or renovated food processing lines
  • Metal boxes MARS (small, large and metal baskets)
  • Various other products of enginieering and industrial nature as well as goods from other commodities from excessive stock

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